Turmeric : Color & Health Benefits

  1.   Color   Orange-yellow
  2.   Source   Turmeric Rhizome
  3.   Pigment   Curcumin
  4.   Solubility   Water insoluble, slightly soluble in fats and oils.
  5.   Stability   yellow below pH 7 and orange above pH 7 Sensitive to light

With a natural food color perspective, turmeric color is orange yellow color that is used to lend a yellow color to a number of Asian food preparations. Specially in countries like India, turmeric color is used for a lot of purposes other than just adding color to food. Turmeric color pastes are used to make intricate designs on the floor at the entrance of the home. It is a mark for prosperity and well being in this community.

Turmeric spice is a basically a natural food color that is used for the purpose of adding a orange yellow color to the food. It is a common found herb in southeast Asia. Turmeric extracts are used in food to ensure a daily dose of turmeric in India and other south east Asian countries.

Turmeric Benefits

Health benefits of turmeric are many and therefore its usage in daily cooking is suggested by doctors also. The primary of turmeric benefits are:

Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Its usage as an antiseptic for quick healing of wounds.

Instant painkiller for bone related pain.

Bone strengthening benefit of turmeric makes it a dietary essential for women, children and old people.

Turmeric has also been found helpful for fighting cancer cells and psoriasis. Curcumin turmeric is a form of turmeric, an anti inflammatory version of turmeric that is known to be effective in treating a number of diseases like ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Mad cow diseases, etc. Extracting curcumin from turmeric is quite a complex process.

Turmeric Skin Benefits

Turmeric skin benefits include skin supple enhancement, reducing pigmentation and improving skin complexion. Paste form of turmeric extracts mixed with natural liquid beauty aids are used for beauty purposes.

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