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Food additives are the chemicals or the substances added to the food products in order to keep them fresh and to provide enhancement to their texture and flavour. They are added only to the food items that are not included in the GRAS (generally recognized as Safe) list. This GRAS list includes the names of only those items which have been in use for long and have not shown any adverse signs. Food items like salt, sugar and flour have been included in this list. Sellers also need prior Government approval for adding Food additives in their products.

Food additives include flavour enhancers, preservatives and a variety of food colouring products like cochineal. They are safe, as only the additives which are found to be safe and having no adverse effect are approved by the Government. In most cases, food additives mentioned on the label are included in the other ingredients section. While sometimes their names are clearly mentioned while at number of times they are also mentioned with their codes. It is important to add food additives, to some food items so as to maintain the safety of the product through its journey from factories to warehouse and throughout the process of its transportation to finally making it available to the end users.

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Blended Food Colors
Blended Food Colors
Blended colors, as the name suggests are made by mixing two or more kinds of different food colors for the desired color result. Since the number of natural food colors available in the market are limited, so a large number of colors are artificially made using various chemicals. Blended food colors are the mixture of two or more water soluble food coloring agents that are combined in numerous ways to produce a vast array of shades...
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