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Caffeine Food Additive- How Much is Safe?
16 March 2011- Caffeine is one of a group of naturally occurring stimulants (methylxanthine, or xanthine) which is found in the leaves, seeds, or fruit...
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Blended Food Colors

Blended colors, as the name suggests are made by mixing two or more kinds of different food colors for the desired color result. Since the number of natural food colors available in the market are limited, so a large number of colors are artificially made using various chemicals.

Blended food colors are the mixture of two or more water soluble food coloring agents that are combined in numerous ways to produce a vast array of shades...


Tea to Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle

"Tea is not good for health", "it kills your hunger" etc are commonly said by our elders. But there is something about tea that reveals its benefits and how it contributes to healthy lifestyle. Here are some quick and healthy facts abouth tea which will definitely delight the tea lovers....
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