Color - Yellowish Orange Source - Turmeric Plant
Solubility - Polar solvents like acetone and alcohol Dispersible in vegetable oil and propylene glycol Water insoluble
Application - Beverages, sauces and confectionery

It is a solvent extract of turmeric rhizome. Apart from the colorant, it is an antioxidant. It has a typical turmeric like odor. Also called Indian Saffron, it has been used in Indian cooking for centuries.

Extraction Process

The turmeric roots are pulled from the ground and separated from the rest of the plant and dried. The dried rhizome is is ground and curcumin is extracted using a solvent. It has to be de-flavored before use in certain applications. Oleoresin is made be evaporating the mother liquor to a non pourable syrup.

Industry Overview
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