Color Reddish-purple
Pigment Anthocyanin - Cyanidin
Solubility Water
Stability Temperature requirement is 2 °C - 5 °C 2.0 - 4.5 pH range
Application All beverages, fruit base, sorbets and sauces

Grape extract or enocianina is a dark red colored liquid with a fruity odor. It gives a strawberry red shade to the products. Grape extract is prepared by the aqueous extraction of the fresh deseeded marc after grapes guice has been extracted. It is further concentrated by vacuum evaporation. Although al alcohol is removed traces of sulphur dioxide may be found in the final product. It is considered a safe colorant for all still, alcoholic and carbonated beverages and fruit bases. This can be used to color a number of non-beverage foods, including gelatin desserts, fruit fillings and some confections

Grape juice colorants come in a variety of colors: red (shades of cherry, raspberry or strawberry), purple and yellow.

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