Paprika Oleoresin

Color - Yellow-orange to red-orange
Pigment - Carotenoids and xanthophyll
Source - paprika pod
Solubility - Oil and Fat
Stability - Heat, Water and pH stable
Application - Beverages, Processed Food, tomato products

Oleoresin Paprika is produced by the extraction of lipids and pigments from the pods of sweet red pepper, Capsicum Annuum L. Grown in temperate climates. An oil soluble extract with it is widely used in processed foods such as sausage, dressings, dry soluble seasonings, food coatings, and snack food seasonings.


The yellow-orange to red-orange hue of paprika is created by a mixture of carotenoid pigments and Xanthophylls. Xanthophylls are present as fatty acid esters in the pods.

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