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FD&C Blue No.1

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FD&C Blue No.1 has E number, E133 with color index of 42090. It is also called Acid Blue 9, D&C Blue No. 4, Alzen Food Blue No. 1, Atracid Blue FG, Erioglaucine, Eriosky blue, Patent Blue AR and Xylene Blue VSG.

Regulatory Info 21 CFR 74.101 (food use)
Color Green - Bright Blue
Light Stability Good
Heat Stability Excellent
Solubility water, ethanol, propylene glycol
pH Range 2.0 - 14.0
Application Beverages, dairy products, powders, jellies, confections,condiments, icings, syrups, extracts
ColorCode E133
Common Name Brilliant Blue FCF
C.I. No. 42090
EC NO E133
CAS No 3844-45-9

FD&C Blue No.1 gives various shades of green when combined with tartrazine otherwise it is a reddish blue powder. FD&C Blue No.1 is a synthetic dye that is obtained from coal tar.

FD&C Blue No.1 must be completely dispersed in food to optimize performance. High usage levels in food can lead to consumer complaints of stool-staining.

FD&C Blue No.1 Applications

The blue color of this Food Drugs & Cosmetic Dyes is used in ice-cream, dairy products, drinks, tinned processed peas and sweets. Also this is used as coloring agent in soap, shampoos and cosmetics. Apart from this FD&C No. 1 is used to check the water distribution and infiltration in the soil.

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