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Natural Emulsifying Food Additives

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22 October 2010- In chemical terminology, a suspension of small globules of one liquid with which the other does not mix is an emulsion. Food emulsifiers refer to oil and food mixtures. To make an smooth paste an emulsifying agent is necessary. Emulsifiers prevent the oil and water from separating. Natural food emulsifiers are food additives used for food emulsifying. Some of the commonly seen products that use emulsifiers are mayonnaise, chewing gum, bread, peanut butter, caramel, soft drinks, cakes, ice creams and mousses.

Evidently, emulsifiers are instrumental food additives for making the foods not just appealing, but also maintaining their freshness and quality. In low fat bread spreads, emulsifiers also prevent the mold growth. Some of the natural food emulsifiers are :

Egg Yolk Emulsifiers

Egg Yolk - A Natural Emulsifier
Egg Yolk - A Natural
Egg yolk is the most frequently used food emulsifier. Essential yolk using emulsifiers are mayonnaise and hollandaise. Egg contains a mix of water repelling and water attracting amino acids at the same time, which helps in binding both oil and water together with a egg yolk. Apart from that lecithin is another important emulsifier found in yolk. Lecithin acts as an excellent emulsifier for salad dressings. Mayo majorly contains egg yolk as the main emulsifying agents.

Mustard Emulsifier

Mustard is again a water binding food additive that has the capability to control and manipulate the texture of a number of food products. Mayo also uses some mustard flour to gain even more emulsifying properties. For meat products, ground mustard acts as an emulsifier, therefore allowing easy slicing of meat. It is also commonly used in salad dressing.

Honey Emulsifier

Honey is also used as an emulsifying food additive in many products. It breaks up the accumulated fats and is also a rich food that has bacteria fighting properties.

Soy Beans Emulsifier

Apart from, mustard, honey and egg yolks, soy beans also have a certain degree of emulsifying properties. This is basically due to the presence of a small amount of lecithin the main emulsifying constituent in egg yolks- in soy beans.

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