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Seasoning v/s Flavoring

27 October 2010- Seasoning and flavoring Seasoning and flavoring are two different things which are often confused with one another with regard to food. Though, technically both these things are quite different from each other. At times both these things are used together in a recipe but nevertheless, they do differ from one another in a number of ways. Have a look:



Seasoning exclusively refers to the enhancement of foodís natural flavor i.e. Salt.


Flavoring on the other hand refers to the introduction of a new flavor in a food item by altering or modifying that particular foodís original flavor. Flavorings like alcohols, acids or fresh herbs often require cooking for rendering its basic attributes to the food and altering its form and flavor.


A particular section of chefs are of the opinion that the process of cooking should be known as seasoning because it tends to enhance the foodís natural flavors, on the contrary, others say that by changing the moisture content and temperature of a food item one is actually, altering itís basic interpretation, hence, making the cooking method indirectly a flavoring. Thus, the difference between the two can be so understood that, taste testing is the testing of seasoning. One can add the seasoning even after cooking to avoid blandness while flavorings require a continued application of heat for providing the flavor into a dish.


Take a look at the seasoning and flavoring tips below:

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