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Stabilizers are an indispensable substance in food items that categorised as food additives. When added to the food items, they smoothen the texture of the food & give a definite body to the food. Food stabilisers are added in relatively small amount which aggravate the effect of emulsifiers. They give a uniform nature to the product & hold the flavoring compounds in dispersion. Perfect binders for the varied conflicting components, food stabilizers are a must.

Definitions of Stabilisers

Definition of Stabilisers according to Food Processing Technology

"Stabilisers are substances or chemicals that allow food ingredients, which do not mix well, to remain in a homogenous state after blending."

Definition of Stabilisers according to Food Law (Directive 95/2/EC), UK

"Stabilizers are substances which make it possible to maintain the physico-chemical state of a foodstuff; stabilizers include substances which enable the maintenance of a homogenous dispersion of two or more immiscible substances in a foodstuff and include also substances which stabilize, retain or intensify an existing colour of a foodstuff."

Food stabilisers are confused with preservatives. But there is a difference between the two. Stabilisers is used to retain the physical characteristics of the food whereas as preservatives prevent the spoilage of the food. Food stabilisers increases the stability and thickness of the food by binding its large molecules.

Purpose of Stabilisers

Common Food Stabilisers

Food Stabilisers - Lecithin
Food Stabilisers - Lecithin

Applications of Stabilisers for Food

Stabilisers for food are used in many kinds of products. The most common ones that uses the food stabilisers are

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