Mineral Salts

Mineral salt is name for the complete family of salts that are obtained by mining. Natural mineral salts are mined from below the ground surface, at a depth of almost thousands of feet, in areas where there is a layer of mineral salts. Mineral salts can also be harvested by pumping water deep underground in areas where layer of salt is discovered. Mineral salts are added as nutritional additives though they may have other properties like antioxidant or a preservative etc. Many of them are essentials that need to be included in our daily diets, as they are the source of important nutrients required for the body. The important natural mineral salts that should be consumed are sodium, phosphorus, potassium,, chlorine, sulphur and calcium. While the above mentioned happen to be the macro elements of the natural mineral salts, the micro elements are the ones that are essential nutrients for the human body. The micro elements in the minerals salts consist of iodine, iron, fluoride and zinc.

Need For Natural Mineral Salts In Human Body

Natural mineral salts are important for the human body because the deficiency of these salts leads to a number of health problems ranging for mild to serious ones. The noticeable health problems related to the deficiency of important minerals salts are insomnia, weakness, fatigue, anemia, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression goiter and a lot of minor problems on a daily basis.

Important mineral salts are found in fruits and vegetables and therefore it is important to include these fruits in out staple diets. Sea food is also rich in a few of these natural mineral salts. To maintain a decent level of mineral salts in the body, a balanced diet is advised. Applications of Natural Mineral Salts In Food

Applications of Natural Mineral Salts In Food

Table salt or the iodized salt is also important to fill up for the iodine deficiency in certain humans. This prevents goiter and other problems related to the thyroid gland. A minimum quantity of salt should be consumed by men and women on a daily basis. Any more than that, however, can also have adverse effects on human health. Table salt otherwise is used for daily cooking around the world and also as a table condiment.

Some mineral salts are also used as anti-caking agents in food products. They help improve the texture of certain foods as well, especially the meats. They are used in food products like beer, soft drinks, frizzy drinks, confectionery items, ice cream, baked goods, jelly, cheese, breads and canned foods. Mineral salts are also used as preservatives for canned foods and beverages and frozen fish and meat products. Mineral salts might also be used for purifying water.

List Of Mineral Salts

  • 339 Sodium phosphates
  • 340 Potassium phosphates
  • 341 Calcium phosphates
  • 342 Ammonium phosphates
  • 343 Magnesium phosphates

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