Solvent Violet 8

  Name Of The Product   Methyl Violet Base
  1.   C. I. Hue Name   Solvent Violet 8
  2.   C. I. Number   42535-1
  4.   Chemical Class   Triarylmrthane
  5.   Hue   Bright Bluish Violet
  8.   Physical Appearance   Violet
  10.   Empirical Formula   C24H30N30
  11.   Molecular Weight   376
  12.   Strength   Soluble In Cold & Hot Water (Violet) Soluble In Alcohol In Benzyl Alcohol Very Soluble In
  Ethanol (Violet) Insoluble In Alcohol 0.4% W/W Maq.
No.   Fastness
  1.   Light Poor
  2.   Heat : Melting Point
  Stable To
  110°C (Does Not Sublime)
  3.   Water   Very Good
  4.   Effect Of 5% NA2CO3   Good
  5.   Effect Of 5% HCL   Poor
  6.   Material Supplied As   Heavy Paper Bags/M.S. Drums/HDPE
  Carbons inside Double Polythelene Bags  
  7.   Uses In Oleic, Stearic or Other Fatty Acid. Typewriter Ribbons, Copying Papers, Printing and Ball Point Inks, Rotogravure Inks.

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