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Solvent Blue 36

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Name Of The Product Oil Blue MIP
C. I. Hue Name Solvent Blue 36
C. I. Number 61551
Chemical Class Anthraquinone
Hue Bright Blue
Physical Appearance Dark Blueish Violet Powder
Empirical Formula C20H12N2O2
Molecular Weight 322
Strength 100%
Solubility Insoluble In Water.
Soluble In Benzene, Toludine, Acetone.
Loss On Drying 0.27%
Ash Wintent 0.35%

Light Excellent
Heat : Melting Point
: Stable To
170°C To 172°C
Water -
Effect Of 5% NA2CO3 -
Effect Of 5% HCL -
Material Supplied As Heavy Paper Bags/ M.S. Drums/HDPE Carboys Inside Double Polythelene Bags
Uses Oils And Polystyrene,acrylic Resins. Also In Petrolium, Inks.

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