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Tea to Enjoy Healthy Lifestyle

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  1. Presence of Antioxidants:
    Yes, tea leaves contain antioxidants which is very beneficial and works as a guard for body to keep away effects of pollution as well as early ageing. Be it men or women, fine lines and wrinkles can be kept away by drinking a cup of green tea.

  2. Less Chance of Heart Attack:
    People with habit of drinking black tea enjoy lesser chance of heart attack and stroke. As it keeps the arteries functioning smooth as well as clog-free. At least 2-3 cups of black tea can be taken to benefit this "tea factor".

  3. Dental Benefits:
    When we see yellow teeth and what hits our mind is, it is due to tea. But let you be informed that tea contains fluoride and tannins which protect our 32 pearls from plaque. Have a cup of tea without sugar for healthy teeth and gums.

  4. Enhances Immunity:
    This is another important fact about tea that it boosts the immunity level. Yes, tea makes the immune system stronger and enables our body to fight against infections.

  5. Strengthen the Bones: As per the studies, tea makes the bones of body stronger regardless other factors like age, body weight, exercise, smoking etc. According to experts, it is may be owing to beneficial phytochemicals contained in tea.

  6. Low in Caffeine:
    Yes, tea comprises of less caffeine as compared to coffee. That is why it doesn,t cause health issues like indigestion, headache or sleeping problems as intake of coffee does.

  7. Be Hydrated:
    Generally we know that tea dehydrate the body and make you feel dry especially externally. This is another myth which is busted into fact that it contributes to fluid needs of body. Problems start when you take 5-6 cups of tea at a time.

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  9. Protect Against Cancer:
    Last but the least. Due to containment of polyphenols in tea, it fights against cancer. Protective elements of tea may keep your body away from fatal disease like cancer.

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