Sunset Yellow (E110) – FD&C Yellow 6

Sunset Yellow E110 – Chemical Composition

Sunset yellow color is a synthetic azo dye that is commonly used in fermented foods that require to be heat treated. Sunset yellow dye is basically fd&c yellow 6 with C.I. 15985 and E 110. Sunset yellow is primarily used as a food colorant to lend a sunset yellow color to the food, sometimes also known as the orange yellow s. All of the above mentioned are other names for the sunset yellow (e110) dye. The fd&c yellow 6 has a melting point of 300 degree Celsius.

Sunset Yellow Dye – Uses & Applications

The main application of the fd&c yellow 6 is in the food products like soft drinks, breadcrumbs, orange jelly and squash, citrus marmalade, lemon curd, Swiss roll, cheese sauce, hot chocolate, chips, red sauces, etc. They can be found in most of the products that are of the color red, yellow or orange. Along with other food colors, sunset yellow dye in also uses for inducing a brown color for products like chocolate and

Sunset Yellow Color – Allergies & Side Effects

Sunset yellow color is quite a notorious yellow food dye that causes a number of allergies and side effects. It is a banned food additive in Norway & Finland. Some of the common allergies and intolerances associated with sunset yellow color are sunset yellow e110 affects the body's immune system and hyperactivity in kids. The symptoms that help in discerning the fd&c yellow 6 allergies are :

  • Gastric upset
  • Urticaria or nettle rash.
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Numbness
  • Swollen skin.
  • Sore and watery eyes.
  • Asthma & cough
  • Dramatic change in behavior and mood swings.
  • Headache
  • Sinus attacks.
  • Constipation
  • Blood pressure Disorders
  • Sleeping Disorders

The only way to prevent these allergies, intolerances and side effects is to stay away from colored foods as far as possible. Though it's not possible to avoid all of the colored foods, but still a little precaution is required specially if one is allergies to sunset yellow dye or any other harmful food color for that matter.

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