Titanium White - Titanium Dioxide Pigment Uses

August 27, 2010- Titanium dioxide, by occurrence is an oxide of titanium. It occurs in the three different kinds of minerals – rutile, anatase & brookite. The most commonly found of these two types of titanium oxide is the rutile titanium dioxide. Anatase and brookite titanium dioxide can be easily converted to rutile titanium dioxide by heating. Titanium white is the pigment form of titanium dioxide. It is strong white color pigment that has a plethora of applications ranging from being a sunscreen consistent to being a food colorant.

Titanium dioxide pigment is the of the whitest compounds existent. And therefore the titanium dioxide pigment finds a variety of industrial applications. Some on the popular titanium dioxide uses of titanium white are described below

Titanium White - Titanium Dioxide Pigment Uses

  • Due to the bright white pigment titanium white is used in a lot of cosmetic preparations. It is used to give a shiny white color to the cosmetics and also to the toothpastes.
  • Titanium Dioxide pigment is quite effective at protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays and is used as a major component in sunblocks and sunscreen lotions and creams. It also serves as a thickener in skin care creams and lotions.
  • Titanium white or the titanium dioxide pigment is also used as a food color for the food products like candies and varieties of dairy products. Specially in skimmed milk, titanium white is used to give it a strong white color.
  • Besides being used as a food pigment, titanium dioxide is also used as a flavor enhancer to a lot of nonwhite food products like soups, beer, wine, nuts, dried vegetables, etc.
  • When in thick form, it is almost opaque white. For industrial use like coating in automobiles, machinery, road paints and plastics, titanium white is the perfect white coating. As opaque white, titanium dioxide is preferred by the artists for painting purposes

All of the above mentioned uses of titanium dioxide pigment make it one of most demanded forms of titanium, The whitest white propositions of titanium white is what makes it so useful for a variety of industrial uses. The uses mentioned above are just titanium dioxide pigment uses. Titanium dioxide also has a lot of other applications, which are mainly because of the other properties associated with titanium dioxide.

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