Stevia Sweetener, Stevia Uses & Stevia Side Effects

May 29, 2010- Most of the artificial sweeteners are synthetically prepared and carry some or the other kind of harmful constituents. Artificial sweeteners like crystallized sugar or industrialized sugar powder pose health problems to diabetics, cardio patients and causes addition in kids and young. Therefore it is important to look at natural sweetener alternatives. Stevia sweetener is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners. Stevia is a sweetener basically a sweetening extract that derived from the herb stevia of the stevia plant. Due to its high sweetening capability and medicinal properties stevia leaf is also used in tea in certain tribes. The main problem that stevia sweetener instantly heals is that of heartburn.

Preparing stevia sweetener is done by extracting sweetening agents from the stevia leaf. This stevia extract a highly sweet extract, which is approximately 15 times sweeter than the normal sugar used in the household kitchens. As an alternative to regular sugar, it also stands at the advantage of containing zero calories. Being a zero calorie sweetener makes it a preferred sweetener even in comparison to other natural sweeteners. It is used in a lot of tribes and states as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Stevia Sweetener: Medicinal Uses

With its medicinal advantages like treating heartburn, obesity and hypertension, it becomes just the ideal substitute to artificial sweeteners. For those suffering from high blood pressure, obesity or weight gain and diabetes, can benefit highly with stevia uses in place of artificial sweeteners. Shifting to stevia sweetener is highly suggested for such . It has also been proved helpful in increasing the immunity against common colds and flu. Adding a bit of stevia extract in the toothpaste or the mouthwash is expected to prove beneficial ingredient for health care. As a dietary supplement it, reduces the craving for sweets and therefore useful as a part of the weight loss diet chart. Using stevia leaf in teas, and other beverages is an easy way to start the big shift to stevia sweetener.

Stevia: Uses Other Than A Sweetener

Apart from being an effective, zero calorie natural sweetener, stevia is also a wonderful ingredient to be included in daily skin care. It has skin softening and tightening properties along with the additional capability of treating wrinkles and skin blemishes and patches. Not just adding it to the home made face masks and pastes, it can also be used directly on to the wrinkled or blemished skin. It is also an active healer for skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. In some countries it is an ingredient of commercial produced cosmetic and beauty products. Blending them with certain oils and soaps also gives good results for common hair problems like dandruff and scalp infections.

Stevia Side Effects

Stevia is one of the most harmless of all the food additives. No considerable cases of stevia side effects have been reported as such. But researchers have come up with certain, probable adverse stevia side effects like energy metabolism disruption and probable harm to male reproduction. But none of these stevia side effects has been a cause of concern even by those who are researching on it.

Therefore it is advised to shift to stevia sweetener for a natural, healthier and far more sweeter than sugar alternative to artificial sweeteners

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