Saffron Benefits and its Side Effect

September 25, 2010- Saffron is a golden yellow colored spice that has many health benefits. Saffron is an extraordinary and popular herb that is used in exquisite food to enhance its appeal and taste. With this, extra aroma and spice is added to the food. Because it is quiet a rare and expensive herb so used during special occasions only. But you must know that this is an invaluable natural herb with which many saffron benefits are associated.

Be very careful while buying saffron, as most of the time it is mixed with other spices. Real saffron is deep orange to brownish red colored spice and used as natural food color. More the redness better the quality. Saffron of yellow color has no curative properties. Also for the best quality buy saffron strands rather than powder. Store the saffron in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Use small amount of saffron in food as excess of it leads to bitterness. Also for better results, soak the saffron strands in warm water and then use the water rather than directly putting the saffron strands in food.

Saffron benefits to health may not be the first thing that is considered for this expensive herb as harvesting saffron is quiet hard and moreover 4500 flowers yields just a single ounce of saffron. But the spice has surprised everyone with numerous health benefits. Saffron is useful to cure digestive problems, asthma, common cold, inflammation and even depression.

Saffron Benefits

Saffron has strong beneficial affects on the health as it improves the appetite and digestion.

  1. Many disorders of kidney, liver and bladder are treated by saffron as with this, circulation of blood to these organs increases leading to better health.
  2. It reduces the gastrointestinal acidity and colic problem as saffron makes the coat above the membrane of stomach. So relieving you from acidity and gas is one of the numerous saffron benefits.
  3. Saffron is also very useful in many other disorders like asthma, pain during menstrual periods and depression.
  4. Saffron purifies the blood and acts as anti-inflammatory substance. Even the inflammation of arthritis can be relieved by the consumption of saffron.
  5. Along with this, it also helps in curing other joint pains.
  6. Athletes consume saffron as it helps in getting rid of lactic acid that gets accumulated because of strenuous exercise.
  7. Eating saffron during fever is also very beneficial.
  8. Saffron can also be consumed for treating mild insomnia.

Everything comes with certain benefits and disadvantages. So saffron is also not free from the disadvantages.

Saffron Side Effects

There are some saffron side effects like an increase or decrease in appetite, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting. These are not very bothersome side effects of saffron but few other vary with the seriousness of the problem which can be anxiety, elated mood, rapid speaking, hyper-sexuality. Skin allergy, rashes, hives, difficulty in breathing are also some saffron side effects.

If you have consumed a poisonous saffron then it may cause jaundice in which yellowing of white of eye and skin occurs. Also this can result in severe or continuous vomiting, diarrhea with blood, excessive nose bleeding, severe dizziness.

NOTE: Saffron side effects vary from person to person and it is also true that you might not face any side effect at all. Also the side effects mentioned may be because of some other thing. You must consult doctor for any above mentioned sign.

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