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Grapefruit Pectin Benefits & Medicinal Properties

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July 31, 2010- Pectin is a word often used with reference to jams & jellies. Pectin is basically a thickening agent or a stabilizer that is found in fruit peels. Some of the popular sources of pectin are apples, apricots, cherries and oranges. The gelling agent is actually a complex carbohydrate, found in cell wall of plants and also between the cell walls. In plants also it performs the role of a stabilizer by regulating the water flow between the cells and keeping them strong and rigid. This is precisely the reason why some of the citrus and pectin containing fruits become mushy on being left out for long. The pectin content diminishes overtime causing them to become soft.

Grapefruit pectin as the name suggests is found in the grapefruit peel and pulp. It is a source of extremely beneficial, water soluble, dietary fiber. It is also a source of a number of health benefits apart from its nutrition value. It is known to work wonders for intestinal and digestive disorders. Pectin fruit fiber is suggested by health practitioners and doctors all around the world for a number of health related problems. Some of the common benefits and medicinal properties associated with the grapefruit pectin thickenerare as follows.

Grapefruit Pectin Benefits - Medicinal Properties

grapefruit pectin benefits

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