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Pigment Red Lack C

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Product Name Pigment Red Lack C
C. I. Name Pigment Red 53
C. I. No 15585
Properties Bleeding In  
Water No
5% Caustic Soda Considerable
5% Hcl No
Linseed Oil No
Ethyl Alcohol Very Slight
Ethyl Acetate Very Slight
Xylene Slight
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Slight
Mineral Turpantine Slight
Parafin Wax No
5% Soap Solution Considerable
Resistance To Heat 120° C For 30 Minutes-Stable
150° C For 20 Minutes-Stable
180° C For 10 Minutes-Trends To Darken

Full Strength Good
TINT (1:20 Tio2) POOR
5% Hcl Excellent
5% Caustic Soda Good
20% Soap Jelly Excellent
Lime Poor
Oil Absorption 42
Specific Gravity 1.6
Bulk Density (Gms/Cc) 0.34

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